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I understand that I am responsible to pay shipping one way for trunk show dresses back to Private Label by G's corporate office OR to the next trunk show store. I agree to use only UPS or Fedex (No USPS) freight to send out the trunk show gowns but am aware that I may be asked to forward the dresses via UPS 3 day service to the next store (depending on scheduling). In addition, I understand that damaged or missing gowns are my responsibility and confirm that I do have a minimum stock order placed for the line(s) requested. Finally, I am aware that completing this form does not automatically guarantee a trunk show time slot.


Agreement to Forward Gowns Timely *

Once the trunk show is over, I agree to forward all trunk show gowns onward to the next store or Private Label's home office per instructions provided by the trunk show coordinator. I understand that I my store is liable for covering expedited shipping if trunk show dresses are late or missing.


Late Fees and Interrupted Trunk Show Scheduling *

By agreeing to all trunk show terms, I am aware that I am to provide a UPS/Fedex tracking number back to the trunk show coordinator on an agreed upon date. I am aware that for every day the trunk show gowns are late, I will be charged a flat fee of $50/day until all trunk show gowns are shipped out (noted by the ship out date on the UPS tracking number). Also, I am aware in instances where another scheduled store's trunk show has been cancelled or interrupted due to late shipment, I will be paying a flat fee of $250 collected by Private Label by G and reimbursed to the affected store to cover their marketing and operational expenses.


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By checking the box below, I am aware that all trunk show pieces (minus Signature Plus) are in size 8 with measurements 35/27/38


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*Note: Requests may take up to 2-3 business days to process. Please plan events in advance.

What's A trunk Show?

Our trunk shows are special fashion events that showcase Kenneth Winston’s latest and greatest styles. By working closely with our retailers, we do our best to ensure your trunk show visit isn’t just another dress shopping day, but instead, becomes a fun and exciting experience while you find your perfect gown. Be sure to check our trunk show listings below and visit the Facebook event pages for more details and to RSVP.

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